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"Amerado Thanks For Helping This Guy": How Did Amerado Help Lyrical Joe? | Get The Details Here

Ghanaian rapper, Lyrical Joe also known as LJ and Amerado set the internet ablaze with lyrical battle last week.

Fans across the country and beyond became super excited rooting for their favorite to win the battle.

Lyrical Joe and Amerado choice of language in their beef also turned into another conversation.

LJ flows better in English than the Twi language while Amerado raps comfortably in Twi.

According to some fans of Lyrical Joe, many people don't understand the English language that's why such people think Amerado is better than LJ.

Lyrical Joe at some point also tagged Amerado as 'Traditional rapper' in one of his replies to the rapper.

It was all fun as these rappers tested their lyrical strength.

However, it seems a lot of people didn't know much about the 2MG Music signee, Lyrical Joe until his beef with Amerado.

Ghanaians who thinks Amerado contributed to Lyrical Joe's recent fame after the beef react;

Ernest Sark: "Amerado thanks for helping this get numbers ....can someone sing his song for 30secs???????

As shatta wale always says be smart and make money in this music industry. .Amerado is very smart guy he's promoting his album...sit der and be borrowing money from guys"

Fiajomi Reuben: "Have you seen how Amerado raised your career put some has respect on Amerado's name"

Michael Thomford: "Take this opportunity and blow, big ups to Amerado for the hype."

Nana Yaw Levels Man: "Free hype has helped u u Dey do guyguy. Big ups to Amerado"

Ras Morgan: "Amerado Burner thank you for helping this guy"

Vehemently Bwoy: "Great job Now Amerado they give you free hype so you are coming to share with your underground Guy's. Mr. Lyrical Joe the breadwinner you for congratulate to Amerado Burner"

Cobby Ike: "But bro you need to show appreciation to Amerado burner. You get fame now rough. Your good though keep it up and always respect the beast #Amerado burner."

That's a fact, though Lyrical Joe won Rapper of The Year at the 2022 VGMA but he has become more popular after his beef with Amerado.


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