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Finally, Former TV3 Journalist Boldly Display Evidence On Why She Will Not Take The Vaccine.

Former TV3 journalist Brigit Otoo has posted evidence of a message she received from her doctor and sister telling her not to take the corona virus vaccine if she wants to give birth.

According to her, many people felt she was afraid of going for the needle injection but that is not the case. She was serious about the message she received and want the public to read it themselves to know the truth.

Yesterday, social media was set ablaze by her post that her doctors says she may not give birth if she takes the corona virus vaccine. She advised All who share her sentiment of studying and getting to know all side effects of the vaccine before using to hold on.

Brigit Otoo is very influential on Facebook and have convinced most of her followers on her page to believe her.. They were much convinced when she posted the Chat evidence.

Brigit Otoo Chat TV3


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