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She Cheated On Me But I Can't Leave Her (Fiction)

All throughout my teenage life, I had made a firm decision to have a light-skinned woman as a wife, because I believed in the old folk that says fair skin shines even brighter in darkness. That wasn't my full conviction for that assertion though, I believed If I had "my taste" I would never cheat.

I have been married to a beautiful damsel now for 3 years. On the day of our wedding, I couldn't believe that my wildest dream has come to pass. Filled with joy and enthusiasm I have loved my wife with a great passion for these past few years.

However, I was shocked when she disclosed to me three months ago that she had cheated on me five times with 2 different men and that it was a mistake and had to do with issues of lust. This confession hit me so hard!

She has pleaded for forgiveness and said she only confessed out of guilt but I am not convinced she won't do it again.

I want a divorce, but my problem has to do with our 2-year-old Son. I am a victim of a broken home and have seen how negatively it has affected my life hence I wouldn't like to have my son suffer the same faith.

I am already out of the marriage emotionally if you ask me.

What do I do? Please help me by sharing your thoughts.

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