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Top 5 must learn quotes from Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee born Lee Jun-fan was born in November 27th 1940 & died in July 20th 1973.He was a famous & all time best martial artist ever lived on earth & he was bless with two children Brandon Lee(demised) & Shannon Lee.He was a philosopher, actor,director etc.Cerebral edema disease caused the death of Bruce Lee.Here are top five powerful quotes from him.

1."The successful warrior is the average man,with a laser like focus ".

Here Bruce didn't hit on being rich.He aimed at,okay let's break it down,he targeted these two words " average man" & "focus".An average man is a normal person who's neighther rich or poor in something.We misplaces the difference between a successful man & an average man sometimes.Bruce Lee want to educate us that,if you are clearly focus in your dreams,you're already a successful man.Being focus is the key to our heavenly dreams.let's try to be a laser like focus.

2."If you spend too much time thinking anout a thing,you will never get it done".

This kills us everyday in our lives.We all have plans & sometimes our plans becomes a problem or a burden to us because it's not being done & this is not good.We keep wondering & circling around our plans with these words " how,when,why & what" which is time wasting because the time you're exhausting wondering about your plans can be utilize to find a solution.So why are you wondering? I ask you."Make at least one definite move daily towards your goal".

3."I fear not the man who has paracticed 10,000 kicks once,but I fear the man who has practiced one kick10,000 times".

(Bruce Lee one arm push ups)

I really love this one with no disrespect to the other ones.This makes Bruce Lee the GOAT,wisdom,creativity,smartness etc is being applying here,didn't you know? Life is full of challenges & opportunities so we have to prepare for everything. Bruce want to tell you that,whatever you're doing practice daily because "every dollar counts".Don't underrate your small portion move or practice towards what you're doing(please remember no.2).Learn hard & remember this quote "the best don't rest".

4."The more we value things,the less we value ourselves".

In human aspects,we've to neutralize our daily things.We have to be cautious about our love for others,things or the way we value things.Chase but don't over do it,value but don't over do it & so on.Psychologically if you value a thing or a person more,it affects you in such a way that you fall into low self esteem,it devalue you in your whole self or creates low self confidence in you.It depreciate your self respect,especially in a relationship,the one who value the other too much didn't attain much respect & that's so bad.If you value too much,it will disrupt your successful life.

5." Always be yourself,express yourself,have faith in yourself, do not go out & look for a successful personality & duplicate it".

This is a hard nut to crack or very challenging,this is quite controversial (you might have questions in your head).The fact is that most people have role models or life inspiring personalities whom they're looking up to in life,so avoiding this will be hell in heaven for others but it's the realest one.When you're duplicating any successful personality ask you yourself this question "wouldn't you've made it without such successful person?.God created everyone equally in a unique styles & everyone is capable of doing everything he want to do,so have a strong faith in yourself & you can move mountains.


Please talk to me via the comments below.I'm necessary daily in your life.

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