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Jaana Na Dil Se Door: Vividha angry after eyeing Atharv happily enjoying his life with Guddi

This is what has been reported from our side before reading this article please follow and like us to get in touch with more details in the entertainment center and other centers.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door will show in the upcoming series that Vividha willl learn about Atharv's alive state and the more worst part will be she will also learn about Suman's evil ploy that she has till now fooled them, keeping all of them in dark.

It so happens that Vividha develops a sense of doubt on Suman and therefore she decides to dig out the truth in order to know what is Suman hiding.

Vividha follows Suman till her house while the latter is unaware about this thing.

Vividha finds Atharv and Guddi together

In the upcoming series Vividha will come to face the worst reality in the process of spying Atharv, she will see Atharv happily enjoying the holi festival with Guddi.

Furthermore, Vividha reminisce how Atharv left her in mandap and now he has moved on in life with someone else.

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