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Six Habits That Indicate You're Selling Your Soul To The Devil.

Most people believe that joining the Illuminati or Freemasonry is the only way to sell one's soul to the devil. It is possible that people sell their souls after joining such groups, but it is not always the case that people sell their souls after joining such groups.

There are other ways people sell their souls without realizing it, according to studies and biblical literature.

Cult members understand that their souls have been sold. What about those of you who indulge in such behaviors that enable the devil to take possession of your soul without your knowledge?

All is now under the influence of the devil. As a result, something you do to satisfy and cherish him causes you to immediately give yourself to him. This is a method of selling one's soul.

In certain cases, these circumstances lead to the sale of one's soul without entering the Illuminati.

The following are some of the things you do in your everyday life that cause you to unknowingly sell your soul to the devil:

1• If you like listening to occult songs.

2• When you're fascinated with material things from the outside world.

3• When you become fascinated with the habit of sinning and refuse to repent.

4• If you're used to reading cult books and practicing juju.

5• When you invite immoral thoughts to creep into your mind.

6.When you do things that the devil enjoys.

It's not always about joining the Illuminati or cults that forces you to sell your soul, but if you're into any of the above, you've already done so.

What exactly does it mean to sell your soul?

To sell your soul is to give yourself over to the devil and allow him to use you to carry out his will. If you are even into any habit encouraged, don't take everything as normal.

Content created and supplied by: Akudugubernard (via Opera News )

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