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5 Times Instagram models Jaye Love proves she is heavily endowed

Is Instagram model Jaye Love heavy backside really natural?

Jaye Love as popularly known is a Ghanaian Instagram model, a DJ and a club host who really loves her job. The model is known to be heavily endowed and always attract attention any where is finds herself as her heavy backside is not one that is common. She has a very tinny waist with a very flat tummy which a lot of people are still struggling to find the solution to get same. Her flat tummy and tinny waist exposes her heavy backside very clearly.

She has made headlines on several occasions as massive crowds gather to see for themselves her unusually big backside. Sometime ago the Instagram model Jaye Love cause massive stir at the Kotoka international airport as a lot of men run after her with their phones to take photos and videos of her heavy backside.

Although throwback Photos of Jaye Love has been Spotted online that proves that her backside is not natural, it is best known to her as to weather her unusual heavy backside is natural or fixed.

I guess you are eager to see some mouth dripping photos of this Instagram model Jaye Love who always causing confusion with her heavy backside.

Below shows pictures of Instagram model Jaye Love that proves she is heavily endowed;

Looking at this photo of Jaye Love, it is confirmed that her heavy backside is not usual and the there is no doubt a lot of people think she has gone under the knife as a lot of Ghanaian Celebrities like Moesha Boudong have.

Aside her heavy backside, her fashion sense is just on point. she can' t afford to go wrong with her style of dressing and always flaunting her backside is just something that is normal to her.

Beauty and heavy backside goes hand in hand and that is all every man will love to see and Jaye Love has it all.

This is really mouth dripping.

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Ghanaian Jaye Love


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