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Ashanti Region's Safoa Uncovered: Why TV3 GMB Judges Continue To Give Her Award Every week

Ghana's Most Beautiful gets interesting weekly. For the past weeks something seems to have been beating the imagination of fans of Ghana's most beautiful. It's nothing else but the frequent receipt of gifts by sarfoa from the judges every blessed week.

Some fans do not agree to the judges whiles others do. Some people think it's favouritism or the judges have an agenda of pushing Sarfoa forward.

Well these are some few reasons why the Ghana's most beautiful judges cannot stop awarding Sarfoa weekly.

First of all, it is undeniable that Sarfoa is a very energetic and a really hardworking young lady. Her type of energy is unmatched in this year's competition. Like any other person, the judges have no option than to get thrilled with the energy she carries each week of the competition.

As if that is not enough, Sarfoa has exhibited consistency ever since this year's competition began. She keeps improving each week and pulling up very nice performances. There hasn't been a week she has failed to entertain and educate viewers to the best of her ability. Consistency is the key, and Sarfoa has it all.

Many refer to Sarfoa as the Queen of eloquence. Her fluency is on another level. She has her way with words and you just can't help but to like the way she flows .

Sarfoa is ready for the crown and absolutely nothing can stop her. This is evident from the past weeks and even the judges can't help it but continously award her for her hardwork, consistency and determination.

Is Sarfoa your favourite contestant? Does she perform that magic on you too? Or you perhaps see her as a normal contestant who is been hyped unnecessarily.

Well you can give your comments and back it up with reasons let's see.

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