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The curse haunting Bella of Date Rush TV3 fame

Every weekend TV3 throws some excitement into the social media space for entertainment lovers all over the country. Last weekend’s edition of the show saw the return of the ladies. Ten ladies line up hoping to be the lucky date of the one gentleman who will come on the show to look for love. Over six weeks ago when season 5 of the show begun, a few of the ladies have still not found guys who like them in return. One of such ladies is Bella.

Bella is a thick and tall beautiful fair lady on the show. She has on several occasions on the show been part of the last two ladies standing but her “Rush” has always been turned off for the other lady. The frequency of this plight compared to how beautiful she is raises concerns. Such concerns can only be answered with the possibility that she might be under some evil spell. In last Sunday’s edition Bella rejected one good looking gentleman named Eugene. According to her the guy was not considerate enough when he chose to chase his ex to the detriment of his grandfather’s health. Later when the guy refused to choose any of the willing ladies he revealed that it was Bella that he had eyes for. Many fans of the show felt Bella would turn her rush on and finally have a date but were all left disappointed. When Bella likes someone those people choose other ladies. When others choose Bella, something makes her refuse the offer. Could this be a curse?

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