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Are you a fun of Date Rush? -Check out the man who makes the show very interesting to watch- Opinion

Every Sunday evening is full of fun as many Ghanaians are glued to their television sets watching Date Rush. Since TV 3 introduced this programme, there is no episode that does not come with controversies, excitements and of course heartbreaks. But that is how the show is designed.

DJ Faculty

Apart from the hosts who are seen everyday on the screens, there is another man who adds more spice to the show making it interesting but many people have not recognised that. He is the person of DJ Faculty. From the entry to the departure of the contestants, he makes sure good songs are played for them to dance with.

Most at times when the show is ongoing, he can play sarcastic jingles especially when someone's rush is turned off or when the person is heartbroken. Actually music is good for the soul and there has not been a dull moment when DJ Faculty is behind the scene churning out good music. There is no disputation about the fact that, Faculty makes the show interesting and adds more flavour to it. He has synchronised everything to the extent that the moment Giovani says anything, the next thing is a jingle that goes in line with what he said.

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