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Two street fights; They Got Separated Only For Another Set Of Ladies To Start Again. (Photos)

Not long ago, a viral video of two women fighting in a restaurant became famous. Another public brawl between two women can be seen here. The video has gone viral, much like the others.

People attempted, but failed to separate the two white-toped ladies fighting.

Although the cause of the misunderstanding is unknown, some viewers were offended.

Women appear in the majority of footage of street fist battles, which should not be the case.

Most women nowadays fight and get themselves dirty, as you might have noticed. You've most likely seen how two other women who were split from the fight also ended up in a new show.

Is there some way to prevent this? Two slay queens are fighting today, and another two ladies will be fighting tomorrow which is very bad.

Do you have any tips for today's women? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section; they will be greatly appreciated.

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