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Divorce Affair

Why Reggie Rockstone divorced his first wife

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Legendary high life musician Reggie Rockstone in an interview disclosed the reason he had to divorce his first wife. According to Reggie, his first wife slept with his best friend.

Speaking with Late Night Express on Joy FM revealed that , " One of my best friends was sleeping with my wife and I didn't know until later on".

The Incident however inspired him in releasing his hit track "Ah" which had won him an Award in South Africa, Johannesburg. To the Reggie, the song was actually based on his personal life experience, which many never knew about.

" Most songs he produce are based on inspirations and talents, but this hit song was from his real life experience".

Reggie Rockstone now , a member of musicals VVIP , has apparently left this past incident behind and is now happily married to the daughter of the Late Ghana's Former President Dr Hilla Limann. So far , Reggie says his present wife Zilla Limann is the best you can find and a good wife for that matter.

He later added , that perhaps it was a purpose intended by God , that he divorce his first wife and will never wish her bad in any way possible.

As mentioned earlier, Reggie Rockstone currently business man while in music with his follow VVIP Counterparts.

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