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After A Girl Posted Her Photo, Check Out The Unusual Thing People Noticed Behind Her (Photos)

Every girl, wants to become a celebrity. Nowadays, girls go extra miles in extent of doing plastic surgery and hip enlargement. Most girls don't care about the outcome of plastic surgery. Every girl wants to have a big hip And two big apples, not minding the implications afterwards.

A picture of a lady was shared on social media after she used Photoshop to enlarge her hip to look big, like Nicki Minaj. People were amazed to the extreme she went questioning her motive for trying to deceive people with photoshop hip. 

I don't know why most girls live a fake life. Why do they pretend to be what they are not? Most girls on social media are fake.

 They claim to be who they are not. Most of them are broke, but when they come to social media they portray themselves as Queen Elizabeth or as president's daughters.

This girl photoshops her hip to deceive men and to get men to herself, but unfortunately, not every man that she can deceive. My question is: Why are girls doing this? What are their motives and achieving in living a fake life?

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