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Black Sheriff "Fires" Black Rasta For Saying That He Was Just Lucky

Many people including entertainment pundits have begun slamming Black Sheriff for one thing or the other. Some of them had the school of thought that Black Sheriff always releases songs which is one way. Others also had the thought that Black Sheriff only shouts but does not make sense in his music. Not long ago, Black Rasta gave his thoughts about the personality of Black Sheriff and that did not go well with Black Sheriff. This was his response to him.

"Man did not just pull up and start the music. We have been on the road for a time. We started when no one was there. I will not trust his words. He is only talking about what he has seen. I do not think that it is luck that has brought me this far. There is luck and grace, but you cannot underestimate someone's hard work. I am not offended one bit."

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