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Meet Man Who Wears Gold Cloths, Uses Gold Phones, Gold Shoes and Gold Jewelleries

Prashank Sakpal is an Indian young man, who can be identified as a totally obsessed gold person, if you look at him personally or his pictures, you do not have to know him to know that he loves rocking gold. Prashank, also known as Pune's new middle-class Indian gold man, always wanted the gold on his own body since he was a child.

His inspiration was to wear gold, and from that time on he has been more popular because of the golden materials he put on a all the time, and wear gold even more than a director of music, a music director named Bappi Lahiri.

Prashank Sakpal is a social security company run by the NSS, a needy company. Mr Sakpal has been identified as a cool headed and a really generous man, who loves to give to the less priviledges according to some sources. After completing his studies and graduation, he began building and financing business.

Meanwhile, he wears a lot of gold chains, but it seems that people do not stop looking at him or ask for each other about him, whenever Mr Sakpal comes to an official ceremony.

However, Prashank wears five kilogrammes of gold every day around his neck, shoes and spikes, devices and an enormous wrist watch on his right brace. He has over 35,000 people on Instagram who follow all his updates.

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