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[Unacceptable] Mixed Reactions As Tilapia The Cartoonist Released A Rare Cartoon Art Of Nana Addo

Tilapia the cartoonist has hugely seen an increase in engagement in reactions to his creative cartoon post on social media [Facebook] respectively.

His cartoon art post on the president being booed by fans who were present at the Global Citizen Festival while giving a short message hasn't gone down well on some scores of Ghanaians.

The Global Citizen Festival is part of a movement to end extreme poverty. By contributing to charity acts on the website, including watching videos and signing petitions, fans can get free tickets to the festival. 

The president was booed by fans and that has generated scores of reactions for persons of diverse backgrounds. Many believe it's a bad thing to do while others believe it's just a show of the frustration Ghanaians are currently experiencing in their lives.

Below are randomly collated comments under his post:

• This is bad and unacceptable for a working president whose efforts haven't been lauded by the very people who he fighting to make their lives better.

• It serves him right. If you decide to pay deaf ears to the plights of the citizens, this is what you get.

• What makes it annoying is that he won't even go and ponder on all that happened and why his subject will do such a distasteful act of mockery to a man who's the chairman of ECOWAS. Who's to blame here? Is it the president or the hungry and angry Ghanaians?

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