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Heart Breaking: As Two Ladies Fight Over Undisclosed Problem On The Street

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Why do women have to involve themselves in such an act in public? Fighting each other every day over something that can be handled with involving themselves in any battle. According to my research and information reaching me. These women have time with each other for some time now. With no evidence, each believes that the other one is having affair with their boyfriend. From one of the women, the boyfriend attention has shifted from her for about 2 months now, so she decided to track him and know the reason why she has been ignored by the boyfriend.

So she caught the boyfriend with the other opponent 3 consecutive times. So she has to react fast before it is too late. And from the boyfriend, he said he is not having affair with that girl, so who is he having the affair with?

People attempted to separate two ladies who were fighting on the street. The cause of the confusion is unclear at some point, but some viewers captured the incident on tape. Two women eventually split them. However, a new brawl erupted between the women who had separated them.

Why do women fight each other in public because of their boyfriend? I think lack of manners make them involve themselves in this act and confusion.

What advice do you have for women of this generation?

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Heart Breaking


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