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Date Rush Fun's Reacts to Drama over a Warm Hug on Stage That Got The Ladies Jealous.

Date Rush, so all these ladies, for Love they came? Yes!! they all came to find a Date. ' They themselves said it, and even the show is for those that are looking to finding love'. Obviously all of them were once in one or two relationship but... Breakup!! 

One interesting question Giovani (host) do ask these ladies is that, "What happens to you previous relationship?" They will go ahead to give these kind of silly and funny reply; ' I found out my ex-boyfriend was cheating on me with no other lady than my best friend' - one will say. ' my ex-boyfriend was not giving me the needed attention, always nagging and giving unqualified excuses' - another one, too will say. In fact all the ladies has one or two ground on which she breakup except the virgins who has nothing to say. In some case those lady's who has no records about their past relationship will claim to be a ' virgin'. Could you imagine a virgin coming on Date Rush?

If you are a jealous type who never want to see your guy do sexy things (hugging, kissing on the cheek, flirting,...) with other ladies, and you breakup with him because of jealousy then you have a long way to go as far relationship is concerned. I remember on the last episode (season 6 episode 1) just last Sunday, the 10 beautiful ladies were on their podium and the gentlemen (Michael) mounted the stage, he greet the ladies one after the other by hand touch (shaking) from the first lady to the last. However, when he got to the last lady, she opted for a hug instead of handshake. Ignoring her might mean disrespectful and you know ladies hate to be disrespected. Without hesitation they both went for a warm hug. 

And after that hug the next thing was DECISION time. Decision Time is the only action the ladies use to show that she is or she not interested in the guy by still keeping here Rush on or turning it off respectively. Out of 10, 4 ladies turned off their rush. They explain to Giovani that, they are the jealous type and they can't stand and watch a guy they love hug one of the ladies leaving others. Surprisingly even the lady who hugged him (Lawrencia) later turned off her rush. 

There was this lady who kept her rush on from the onset to the last stage. Her name is Portia. She looks beautiful, calm and seems to be respectful looking at her composure during the show. It was then not surprising the guy chose her out on a Date. 

Dear ladies, for the reason why you breakup with your 'ex', if you carry that same reason looking for a new Love then you should be ready to accumulate exes. 

Fun's reaction below (Screenshots)

Thank you for reading!!

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