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Meet Portia Gabor Ghana's Reigning Most Beautiful TV Personality Queen (PHOTOS)

We can ensure decency in our dressing or composure and still be beautiful.

Women can be perfect wives, mothers and succeed excellently in their respective careers, and still have their beauty at its peak.

They can dress without make-up or any expensive fashionable ingredients, and still be in their most beautiful mood.

There is no need to impress anyone; our dressing must however be a fountain of lessons & blessings to the younger generation. It must also be one that truly glorifies the name of our Creator, and as well bring reputation to ourselves, families, country and the world at large.

We may be calm and beautiful inside, but the moment we exhibit certain behaviours that do not truly reflect our inner beauty, then we are living what I call 'a life lost'.

Ghana is one of the richest countries in the world when it comes to cultural values, cultural elements and artifacts.

We excellently use these naturally endowed and priceless materials to make lovely and beautiful apparels (clothes), beads, shoes, etc. that truly reflect who we are as people.

It is not bad to complement it with foreign fashionable items, however, we must be strong lovers of our own, before considering them.

What we mostly do is that, we blindly copy them, and finally become a hub or epicenter of their money making adventures.

These foreign businesses study our minds & trends, and flood us with materials that totally confuse and make our own cultural values senseless.

However, there are some Ghanaian women have distinguished themselves in every aspect of their lives, particularly in how they dress and compose themselves whenever they find themselves.

The beautiful woman at the heart of this discussion competently fits into the above category.

Instead of lazily or blindly copying the bad lifestyle of foreign personalities, she has carefully selected a media mentor she looks up, and equally learns from.

According to her, she fell in love with how Kate Middleton dressed when she was growing uo, and undoubtedly, Kate has been a source of inspiration and blessing to her culture of dressing all these years.

Portia Gabor is one of the few good ones left, and she has exceptionally demonstrated decency throughout her 13-to-14-year media journey.

No wonder most people usually call her 'TV3's Kate Middleton'.

Portia Gabor is a top-notch journalist, news anchor, reporter, producer and editor. She got her first job at TV3 Ghana, and she has excellently worked with them for more than thirteen years. 

Mrs. Gabor initially obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with Sociology from the University of Ghana, Legon.

Due to her deeper interest in media works and Journalism in particular, she further did a Diploma in Communication Studies and Media Studies at the African University College of Communication.

Portia additionally obtained a Master of Arts Degree in Development, Communication and Media Studies from the Ghana Institute of Journalism in 2018.

Due to her exceptional media works, she was honoured with the Media Woman of the Year Award at the 2020 National Communications Awards Ceremony. 

Meanwhile, Portia Gabor had previously won several awards including the Best Reporting in Science (Electronic) Award at the 2019 Ghana Journalists Association Awards, Female Journalist of the Year Award and Best Transport & Road Safety Reporter Award at the 2018 Ghana Journalists Association Awards, among others.

Enjoy her breathtaking photos that confirm why she is the most beautiful and particularly the most decently dressed TV Personality in the country at the moment.

Content created and supplied by: Ghana'sthirdeye (via Opera News )

Portia Gabor


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