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Date rush: Should Hayford and Benita be crowned the best couples?

I got a girl, she is a London thing. She wanna roll one, smoke one thing. I want to give her a diamond ring but she say all the girls like my thing. She make my heart beat say like say boom boom. Next time you're in Ghana, I'll take you to bloom bloom. When we done, we go go home and boom boom Hop on the wagon, baby say vroom vroom. That's just to remind you of the mood that evening after Benita and Hayford walked hand in hand on the stage.

First of all, let's get to know what the series is all about. Date Rush, Everyone Deserves Love is a TV3 reality show where anyone looking for love can find a date and also a suitable partner.

There were previous episodes and seasons that remained deeply in the heart of viewers. But this current season is a breathtaking one that everyone is talking about. Is nothing other than how Hayford, a young model and Benita has blended the whole series as Romeo and Juliet's story.

During one interesting climax of the show, Benita was allowed to choose her type of guy from ten handsome and unique guys who were also searching for a date. Making love unique and special, She chose Hayford, one of the fine gentlemen, after asking him and one other guy if they were ready to forgo sex in their relationship since she disclosed in her profile that she is still a virgin and would like to maintain it till she is married.

Hayford’s answer caught the attention of the beautiful lady Benita. Seen the love she needed sparkling in the eyes of Hayford, she began dancing with him and went off the stage with him. Their pictures are among the most viewed pictures in Instagram and other social media handle's. People can't wait to see them again during the reunion and the final section of the series. Hope people will not be surprise if they become the best couples for this season.

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