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Date Rush: Phillip Rejects Nana Akua Indicating She Looks Like A 'Church Girl'

Date Rush: Phillip Rejects Nana Akua Indicating She Looks Like A 'Church Girl'

A few days ago, the fourth season of date rush program ended, and so many fans felt sad about the situation, looking at how entertaining that particular season was.

A week after that exciting season, the fifth season of the popular television show is back on our TV screens.

Season 5 of the date rush program commenced yesterday and fans were just excited about what they saw.

The new season saw a slight difference as the ten contestants were changed from the usual female selection to males.

The lady who came looking for her lucky guy was called Nana Akua.

Nana Akua was one girl so many viewers knew will definitely get a guy for the night. This is because she possesses a charming personality and looks very beautiful.

After her first video, she had only one guy turning off his rush.

Though this was a good sign since there were still two more rounds to go, the reason behind the guy's actions was quite astonishing. 

You can clearly see the guy actually didn't know how to turn her down, so he just gave a self-fabricated reason.

The first guy to break the deadlock was named Philip.

Philip's reason was one that got so many people amazed.

Upon asking him why he turned his rush off, he indicated that, Nana Akua looked like a 'church girl'. This is one reason I find unacceptable.

Philip said he needed the outgoing kind of girl who would go out with him to parties and other events, but from the way he sees Nana Akua, she might be those ladies who are always indoors and fond of going to church programs.

Do you think Philip's reason is one that is substantial looking at the nature of the date rush program?

He probably hasn't gotten into a relationship with Nana Akua to know the type of lady she is, so making such a statement looks too judgmental.

Did he just want to back out, looking at the competition he was facing from other contestants?

What's your opinion concerning the reason Philip gave for his rejection?

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