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"99% Of Ghanaians Can Answer This" - Guess The Look Alikes Of These Two Kids Breaking The Internet.

Every now and then, memes and funny pictures do go viral on social medias. Most of them could be funny, a few of them could also be humiliating and others informative. It is perfectly normal to take a laugh once in a while to let off the tension and stress.

For those of you familiar with Xavier, his picture is often used in memes and he likes to give funny and sometimes savage replies. His memes are quite popular and here is one of them.

Who do you think they both look like? Xavier has answered one of them so you can guess the other if the face looks familiar.

The picture is funny and has managed to attract attention. No harm meant but it's all for laughs. The picture is quite pitiful as well as funny. It is pitiful because they are both malnourished.

It is definitely certain that the picture is photoshopped. However, leave your answers down in the comment section.

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