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Gorgeous Look-Alike Models: Check Out How Sophia And Maliya Thrills Fans With Their Natural Beauty.

It is very rare to find two popular models and influencers looking alike on social media. This article will disclose two popular models and influencers who most social media users consider to be twins. Sophia and Maliya are the two uncommon look-alikes models and influencers. They are very popular on social media with hundreds of thousands of supporters. The interesting fact about these two models and influencers is that they are both Nigerians. They mostly share their photos on the fast-rising photo-sharing platform, Instagram. Maliya and Sophia are well known for thrilling their fans with their natural beauty. Read on to discover some of their beautiful pictures.

Chisom Sophia Ikemba

Sophia is the most beautiful and well-endowed Instagram star in Nigeria. She is known on social media platforms as Real Sophia or Shades of Sophia. Many people got to know where on social media when she started posting photos of her real face without makeup. It may be very rare to find photos of top-notch models and influencers on social media without makeup. Sophia is a very gorgeous and well-kept model and influencer. She has been able to gather close to 200,000 followers on her Instagram page. Sophia has posted hundreds of photos on the page for her hundreds of thousands of fans to see.

Maliya Michael

Maliya is the look-alike of Sophia on social media. She is a Nigerian-born model and influencer. Maliya has hundreds of thousands of fans on social media just like Sophia. She won the hearts of many Africans with beauteous smiles and a well-endowed body. Maliya has a very adorable stylish nature which helped her to build a strong fan base on Instagram. She currently has 354,000 followers on her Instagram page. Maliya has the same beautiful fair skin colour as Sophia. Both models and influencers love to visit very nice and serene locations to relax their brains and bodies.

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Chisom Sophia Ikemba Maliya Shades Sophia


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