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"Whatever This Girl Answers In Exam Becomes The Reality And The World Turns Chaotic" - Movie

It's good to have you on this platform. Today I would be explaining to your a Japanese thriller called Honor Students. Don't forget to click on the like button to follow for more content.

The story started in a Japanese high school called Chikawa High School. The senior students where in their various classroom receiving their test results. One of the very finest student in the class Miyamoto Asuka, very friendly with almost all the student but academically dumb. Eventhough their resist examination was the easiest so far, she still scored zero but her boyfriend Yoshida always looked at the brighter side of her.

Miyamoto's teacher kept telling her the future is bleak if she doesn't sit up. Yoshida always made fun that zero is a lucky number. There was another test and Miyamoto was handed over a history paper. The first question reads that they should mention a monument that keeps granting the wishes of people. She doesn't know the answer but instead of leaving the answer space blank, she writes a random answer, Gachiemo.

Just after she writes the answer, a strange light set outskirt of the town. The following day, Miyamoto and Yoshida saw a mystery jungle and therefore decided to explore it. After a minute walk in the jungle, they found a shrine with a word written on it but they couldn't pronounce.

Miyamoto throws a coin on the monument in the shrine hoping to get 100 percent score in the next test. They returned to the school very tired. They received a result from the previous test and Miyamoto scores five out of 100. She kept on believing the power of the shrine in the jungle. That day, they had a test on world politics and the first question asked of the name of the Japanese prime minister.

Instead of leaving the answer space blank since she has no ideas, she wrote her boyfriend's name Yoshida on it. Please follow for the continuation of the movie.

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