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Sarkodie does not need another "Power" song.

Certain messages are encoded in songs so that the message can reach the masses and also, can be preserved to address similar issues over and over again. Following the recent power crisis in the country, Ghanaians have called out Sarkodie to release a track to talk about the issue, just like he did during Mahama's reign. To be very honest, I stand at a crossroad on the matter because I agree and disagree at the same time. 

To justify why I would side with people making such rants, the first point earlier must be considered. The rapper has a very large audience, which gives him the platform to get attention on the subject.

On the other hand, the issue may have been twisted if Ghanaians strongly demand a new song from the artiste on the topic. In fact, it is probably about the perception that Sark is into one political party,the N.P.P, due to the lyrics of his "Happy Day". Acting fairly, we will observe that his songs on power crisis were meant to address the issue, not affiliate to the N.D.C. So if people think there exists the same problem under the N.P.P, they can use the same song to gain the attention needed. Whether we like it or not, he delivered his message to politicians in general, and it was Mahama who happened to be on the presidential seat.  

As you can normally use a song or just a portion to convey messages on WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook just because the lyrics reflect the situation and nothing else, you can do same. Afterall, it is not the first time people have made reference to an old Sarkodie's song when his message coincides with current happenings. Do same and stop demanding for a new track just because you feel he is politically-biased.

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