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Do You Remember "Seven", Pregnant Wife Of Jaguar Paw In Apocalypto. See How She Has Transformed

This is a story of Jaguar Paw, a young man living in what is now Central America. Jaguar Paw is the son of his village’s chief, Flint Sky and he is quite a brash, energetic man. He is close to his friends, including the oversized comic relief Blunted, and has a son from his wife Seven with another on the way.

Everything seem to be fine until they encounter a group of a wandering people. Their village had been burned down and are off to “start a new beginning.” Unfortunately for them, Flint Sky doesn’t heed the group’s warning, and soon their own village is ransacked by the wicked Mayans.

After a long struggle (which results in the death of Flint Sky, the rape and murder of Blunted’s wife, and seeing Seven and son stuck in a deep hole), the remaining adults are tied up and marched to the Mayan capitol (the young children are left behind).

Here, we see a very decadent and zealot-like society where the women are either sold off into slavery or promptly released with no further harm. The men don’t have it so lucky as they’re sent to the top of the Temple to be sacrificed to appease the gods. Luckily for Jaguar Paw, there’s an eclipse which stops all the sacrifices, and he promptly escapes back into the jungle. He’s chased down by the very warriors that captured his people, but it isn’t long before the roles are reverse all while rushing to save his wife and son.

The movie was fun especially with the escapades of Jaguar Paw who played a lot of tricks on his captors and escaped to meet his wife. But one person also caught our attention in the movie.

And that's Seven, the pregnant wife of Jaguar Paw. Stuck in the hole, pregnant along with her son. How she used those ants to patch the wounds of her son was just a nice scene to behold.

While she was delivering the baby too was so magnificent. Her role in the movie cannot be underestimated. She added an emotional feel to the movie. Have you wondered how've she is and how she has transformed?

Her real name is Dalia Hernandez Armenta. She is a Mexican actress from Mexico, Veracruz. She has starred in movies such as Miracle Underground, Die Legende der Maske.

The role she played in Apocalypto led her to winning best supporting actress in the Imagen Awards in 2007. She is currently 37 years. See her current pictures below.

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