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Makeup Skills

When makeup artists made movies look so real

Hollywood has been a major provider of movies worldwide for a very long time. The authenticity of the movies they bring out to the public has been able to land them the trust and love of many people worldwide. One interesting thing about them is that, not a single day passes by without Hollywood bringing a movie out. They are very focused and have many people in many different groups who are always ready to supply the world with movies which will entertain them and carve smiles on their faces if need be.

In some of the movies, we do see a familiar name in the cast brought out but upon watching the movie from the start to the end, it becomes difficult identifying that person. This is not because they lied about the person taking part in the movie. This is simple, the person was actually present in the movie but in a different form.

Movie characters are given makeups at certain times and these makeups tend to totally change their appearance. A very shout outs to the makeup artists who came up with the idea of creating these beauties and even went forward to implement those ideas. I came up with five of these makeup interventions which will make you appreciate the good work these makeup artists are doing. Let's go through them one after the other.

1. This kid was looking okay as seen in the top left corner but the makeup artist decided to totally change his appearance. He started little by little and finally changed his face as seen in the bottom right corner. This is pure talent

2. This is yet another amazing artwork. The makeup artist totally changed this man and gave him the appearance of the devil.

3. The game of thrones lovers will really get surprised when they get to see these. The night king is actually a fine looking man. He was given that scary look by a makeup artist. Looking at the process which went into this whole transformation, I am made to believe that it took him some hours to bring out this masterpiece.

4. Those who have ever watched Mad Max can relate to this picture. The picture on the left is the makeup picture and upon looking at it, you wouldn't believe if we told you that he is the same person on the right.

5. This last picture is depicting how makeup changed this nice man into a monster. Once again, all credits to the artists for implementing the numerous amazing ideas in their beautiful minds.

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