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After Measuring and Testing Anita's Backside Date Rush Guy Chooses The Bigger One

Every contestant on the show comes on stage with their various specifications or what they look out for in a potential partner. Since the beginning of the show, the ladies were mainly the ones to be pleased as they easily rejected any guy who didn't meet their high expectations. However, this time, the roles were reversed.

Appearing on the show was a man of Nigerian descent named Jameson Samson, but with the nickname "Update". From the get-go, you could tell where his attention was going and the lady he wanted. In his video profile, he stated that he wanted a lady who is responsible, God-fearing, and with a touch of "Wendy Shay". With this, he implied that he was looking for a lady who was curvaceous.

Ladies who tried to ask him before he decided whether they met his specs were gently told to wait calmly for him to decide. When it was time for him to eliminate one of the ladies, he first proceeds to move towards Anita and invite her for a dance. During the dance, he proceeds to turn her around to measure and get a feel of the package.

Not impressed with what he was seeing and feeling, he goes on to turn off her rush which surprises all the ladies on stage. They jokingly then demand that he is punished or pays for enjoying for free and then going on to reject Anita.

Eventually, the male contestant had to choose between Stephanie and Gifty (who was very well endowed and gave good responses), Samson ultimately chose Gifty in the end. The first thing he made sure to do was to have a feel of what he had chosen.

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