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Behind the Scene pictures of Hollywood Movies. See how they are made

Movies has been one aspect of entertainment that we can’t take away from our daily lives, being it animation or live action. The leading movie industry in the world, is the Hollywood movies. They have been able to influence countries with their movies and have created screen super hero’s out of their films. Some of the actions in these movies looks real and people begin to wonder how do these film makers achieve such results.

The Hollywood Movie industry invest a lot in their film productions hence making them achieve every single idea the director thinks of. The have institutions that train film makers, Animators, VFX effect , make ups and the rest. They have merged technology with film making which makes it very easy for them to get such effects. Let’s check out pictures of some films and how they were able to get it done.

The Technology of green and blue screen has been in existence for decades and it’s still useful. They help change the background of the subjects in front of them and replaced with preferred backgrounds.

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