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Hot Video: Efia Odo Almost Beaten Mercilessly by Sista Afia on UTV.

There is violence everywhere in Ghana. The kinds of beef in Ghana has now managed to extend from musicians to movie stars as well. Today, Big Akwes and Lil Win are also having an unhealthy relationship. Whatever be the case, Ghanaians still have a love for their works.

This Saturday’s UTV Showbiz featured Efia Odo and she was basically there to explain why she posted that iPhone 13 Pro max that people are posting is not an achievement. Again, Abeiku Santana wanted to settle the beef between Sista Afia and Efia Odo. The duo has been at each other’s throats for God knows how long.

During the reconciliation process, Sista Afia called in and blasted Efia Odo left right and centre. She wasn’t invited to the show because of the possible quarrel that would have erupted on the page. When Sista Afia called in the show, she registered her displeasure and added that she would have beaten the hell out of Efia Odo had she been on the show. She doesn’t understand why Efia Odo will post her on Snapchat to tease her make-up. Efia Odo posted her and added a caption: Don't she have a stylist?

Efia Odo tried to explain things to Sista Afia but she wouldn’t listen. It took Abieku Santa to calm them down before things settled for the show to continue. Efia Odo was recently arrested for leading an unauthorized protest, if she had been beaten today, that would have been double trouble.  Watch the full video here:

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