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Nigerian Actor, Jim Ike Finally Responded To Hot Scene With Nikki, Narrated What Exactly Happened.

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Over the years, movie lovers across the country has since been debating about a particular scene in a movie which featured Nigerian super actor, Jim Ike and Ghanaian actress, Nikki Samonas.

Well the debate is final over as Jim Ike finally narrated exactly what happened in that particular scene. In that scene, the two of them were involved in serious romance to the point of exposing their raw bodies.

In an interview on Angel FM, the Nigerian super actor responded to a question which was asked by the host relating to the said scene. He started by saying that, prior to the shooting of the movie, the director said to him that anytime he puts a Ghanaian actress to play romantic scene, they always end up performing lesser than he expected. He then told the director that this time around he shall be satisfied with what he will witness.

According to Jim Ike, he and Nikki Samonas was dating at then and was mutually attracted to each other. He thought that since they are in a relationship, it will be convenient for the two of them to play the role in that particular scene. He spoke with Nikki Samonas about it and she agreed.

According to him, what we saw in the movie was exactly what happened between he and Nikki Samonas. He said they actually did the act in front of the cameras and when the director was satisfied with what he had wanted them to do, he commanded everyone to leave the room including he the director himself leaving only the two of them to finish their "business" privately. So everyone left and the two of them later finished and joined them outside.

What is your take on this and do think it was right for him disclose it the media? Drop all comments in the box below.

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