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This Wednesday's Final Episode Of Sapne Suhane

Gunjan asks Rachna not to recognize defeat and agree to her chat to him. She asks Rachna to file patience, all will be alright. Shayl was in a hurry to move in, Gunjan stops her and says Rachna has promised her not to sort out no matter which wrong.

She asks Shayl not to lead to inside, and says to Mayank that he has betrayed her badly. Mayank asks everywhere she is going, she says she is leave-taking in adjoin of all to rally KT. Shayl says if KT knows about the truth, he won’t continually set out missing from Rachna’s life.

KT was leaving, his luggage packed. He says why doesn’t he consider well brought-up while the lot happens for good. It is right like before, he absent Rachna in that case and in a jiffy as well. He watches Gunjan happen inside and she says in attendance has been a in high spirits finale and he is leave-taking right. KT says she be obliged to invite Rachna.

Gunjan says she has listened to Rachna could you repeat that? she maxim him doing, but she knows it was Mayank and Shayl who asked her to make sure of this. KT says accordingly you recognize everything. Gunjan says it isn’t about me or you intentional about i t, has he imagine about Rachna.

KT shouts I beg your pardon? he be obliged to do, does he be familiar with pardon? he is skillful of. He doesn’t be on familiar terms with is he skillful of maintenance her lucky for a existence time. Shayl comes nearby and asks she plus suspects this, and that is why she asked him to renounce her life.

Gunjan asks who is perfect in the world, Shayl says she needs to become aware of the preeminent for her daughter. Gunjan says to her that Rachna is shortened without KT, could you repeat that? will ensue if he trees again.

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