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For The Ladies: Know Who a Real Man Is: Here Are 5 Qualities of a Real Man

Kindly follow this page for more educative and informative contents. Every male grows into a man but not all men are real men. This may be a little confusing but just take your time and imbibe the sense in detail. The point I want to put across is, there is a difference between a man and a real man. This is why ladies, when looking for a husband, must take into consideration the qualities of the man concerned. The qualities the man possesses is what will either thrust him into the real man position or keep him at where and how you met him.

It is a woe to give yourself to a man. On the other hand, a lady does herself better than harm when she carefully scrutinizes mature males and chooses the real one among them. Most ladies have regretted going out with some men they thought were worthy to be their husbands. Some have at a point ended their lives just because of the maltreatment levelled against them by some men. Others have vowed not to have anything to do with men again.

The problem with most ladies is that they cannot figure out real men among the many that approach them.

This is why they will keep on making a series of mistakes and then, get their hearts broken now and then. However, if you feel enough is enough and wants a way out to this, I have some qualities you have to look out for in a man and I'll be sharing them with you in no time. The moment a lady discovers these qualities, it's a sign that the man is matured enough to mingle with. It's also a sign that he is no longer a boy and shows that he has drifted into the "real man" brand.

1. A man who says nice things and his actions back those words up is a real man.

It is common to see many men showering nice words on women. However, it is only a few who keep up with their words. The fact that a man says nice things to you doesn't make him a real man. Every man can say good things to win a woman's heart and afterwards, he throws them back into his mouth and pretend he never said them. A man who says nice things to a woman and does them is the real one.

2. A man who can't stand seeing his woman hurt is a real man

A man is meant to protect his woman and not hurt her in any way possible. Some men resort to beating women at the least provocation. Even if such a man provides all the basic needs of a woman, he doesn't belong to the real men world. A real man carefully considers his actions, decisions, feelings when it comes to handling a woman. He makes sure that none of these brings pain to her. Meeting a man who wouldn't hurt a woman no matter how provoking she may be is the real one.

3. A man who smiles amid trouble, distress and pain is a real man

Every man at a point encounters hurdles. How each one handles them is what sets the distinction between an ordinary man and a real man. Some of these hurdles may include financial instability, marriage failures, joblessness, wrong accusations and a whole lot. A man who can manoeuvre his way through and not allow any of them to dampen his can-do spirit is a real man. With such a man, he is seen smiling and this action covers up all he's been through. He isn't a complainant. He is hardly seen complaining here and there.

4. A man who appreciate those who don't give up on him

Real men don't give up. This is because there are people who don't give up on them. A real man knows that some people are looking up to him and that should he put a stop to the good things he does, he won't only hurt himself but also, other people. His source of motivation lies in other people. He knows that he wouldn't have gotten to a desirable stage if he had had no support from people. A real man appreciates those who don't give up on him during successive failures.

5. A man with no time who finds a way to spend some with you is a real man

A man who has money and chooses to spend it on a woman means nothing. A man with no time who finds a way to spend some with a woman means everything. This is one mark of a real man. If time is money, then, money is what? Think about it.

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