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Maxwell is my name and this is the woman I want to marry, "rice seller", not an educated lady.

All people marry because of a reason. Some marry because of sex, others marry because of help financially, other also marry because they are growing old, etc. There are many reasons for that, and I also have my reason for marrying a beans or rice seller.

My name is Maxwell Marfo from kintampo, at the BA region of Ghana. One thing that I know is that, in this world, no one is perfect, 80% of educated ladies don't humble themselves to men because of their higher education. 80% of uneducated ladies are humble, and obey men on many grounds as far as marriage or relationship is concerned.

The reason why I prefer marrying a rice or beans seller than a graduate lady in this modern is that:

1. They see themselves as mediocre, therefore they obey you in most times.

2. They see themselves as mediocre, so they always ask their men for guidance and final decisions on certain issues.

3. They see themselves as uneducated, where selling is already their job, therefore, they can support you when you are down financially, because they know how painful it is, being broke financially.

4. Since they see themselves as low, their love for higher personalities are higher, because they are afraid to lose such a wonderful person like you.

5. Upon all, no chop money every morning will be my burden, because food is always there in the morning. I spend a low amount of money on food.

These are my reasons for marrying rice or beans seller than all educated ladies.

Bring your comments.

By: Axayman

Content created and supplied by: Axayman (via Opera News )

BA Ghana Maxwell Maxwell Marfo


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