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Throwback: Between Tom and Jerry, who did you support as a kid.

Growing up, we were exposed to a lot of cartoons, and one of them that was loved by all, including adults, was Tom and Jerry. The animated cartoon follows the rivalry between a cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry. This animated comedy really made our childhood unforgettable. I was reminiscing on my childhood with my friends, and they brought up the Tom and Jerry debate. Tom and Jerry have been wrecking havoc on our screen since the 1940's.

Although, Tom and Jerry has no villain, but the question is, who did you support as a child?. Tom is funny, always trying to catch Jerry the mouse however, he always fails. In a way I could say they both complement each other. As a kid, I always loved Jerry, because he always outwitted Tom. Their rivalry is just like best friends, always getting on each other's nerves, but reconcile at the end. There is an episode of the series, where Jerry gets Tom kicked out of the house, and regrets it afterwards. So between these troublesome pair, who had your support, as a kid, was it Tom or was it Jerry. Share your opinion in the comment section, hit the follow button for more entertainment and trending news.

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