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Meet Vida, a Teen Lady who has Overcome her Attitude of Camera-Shy

A beautiful shy lady in her teens, Vida, for the first time on social media has gathered the vim to show off her beautiful face in her new post, following persistent persuasions and advice from her fans.

In this world, everybody is unique in his or her way. You cannot imitate someone exactly as he or she is. While some are born naturally to be shy, reserved type, uncomfortable in the company of others or diffident, etc, others are bold, willing, and eager to fame.

Vida Asare known by her fans as "vidash-ki" has won the admiration of her followers after posing a picture of herself overcoming a camera-shy attitude on her social media page, Instagram. In her previous pictures, she was either captured in pictures when her face is facing downward or partially covered. But one thing that can be surely read from all her pictures is her catchy beauty, which can even be seen from a glace. These interest us to tour on her page.

A tour on Vida’s Instagram page shows that, although she is a shy type, she intermediately posts pictures of herself which has earned her about 4,594 followers and still counting. Her fans admire her shyness but encourage her to have confidence in herself to overcome her shy behaviour.

In my personal opinion, I think her followers who supported her to overcome her shyness have done a great job since research has shown that most people who are desire to avoid being filmed or captured in a photo are likely to fear public speaking or to stand in front of an audience. Hence, it can also lead to low self-esteem. Having confidence in yourself is the main tool to fight again shyness.

What did you think about her pictures and the work done by her followers? let us know your thought in the comment section. Thank you. 

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