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'My sister's husband saw me while I was dressing up and this is what he did' - Fiction (Read more)

It is not so easy to resist temptations championed by Satan through certain people in our world today.

Sometimes we even seem to commit sins which appear to be our own doings but not that of the Evil One.

Just imagine how young men and women dress - displaying almost every part of their body.

Social media has even intensified and worsened this act, and I don't think it would be ending soon if our Maker doesn't intervene.

Instagram is one of the hotspots, with Tiktok, WhatsApp, Facebook, being the strong accompanying forces.

The rich Ghanaian cultural values seem to be shaking, and I wonder how our forefathers may be feeling with all these rebellions from some their children today.

Anna is a young woman whose name has remained in the minds and hearts of many in her town over years due to her charming and immoral lifestyle.

By the time you realize, she had already seduced your husband into her unknown world of hedonism.

Some used to say it is either she is controlled by an evil spirit or she is the source and creator of evil happenings in her life and community at large.

She has a track record of sleeping with over 35 married men, and still counting.

Due to her indecent way of living, her sisters have warned her not to step her foot into their matrimonial homes.

Though they all love her from the bottom of their hearts, her lifestyle forced them to take that decision.

One faithful night, one of her sisters traveled for a two-week international conference in Australia.

Her husband however is a kind-hearted man, and had always been nice to her sister in-law, Anna, despite her immoral lifestyle.

Within his heart, he has been all this while finding a best possible way to be a great vehicle of change in Anna's life, but how and when to do it was a mystery.

Three days after her sister left for Australia, Anna decided to pass by her house and say 'hello' to her husband.

Fortunately and unfortunately when she went, the husband was out for an urgent meeting at his company's headquarters, but only met the children in the house.

Aside her lifestyle which is well-known by all, there are certain hidden qualities only her sister knows. Anna is more caring and humble inside, and is ever ready to support all her sisters in every aspect of their lives.

When she went, she quickly rushed to the kitchen to prepare something for the children since no one was home at the moment to do so.

Afterwards, she performed other essential house chores.

She then rushed to the bathroom to take a bath.

At this time, her evil desires started displaying, and when it begins, she doesn't feel guilty about anything she does.

After bathing, she went straight to her sister's bedroom to dress up.

Since her in-law is aware that his wife has traveled, and even if she was around, it's his bedroom so whether he knocks before entering or not isn't any big deal.

When he returned from work and opened the door, he saw Anna naked in his bedroom.

When he entered the room, he said, "this is the moment I have been waiting for, wait I'm coming."

He went back to the living room, called her children, picked up champagne, cake and other times for the celebration of the birthday party.

At the back of the bedroom door, she heard, we are coming over, can you kindly dress up?

Anna quickly put on her dress, and opened the door.

When she saw how they were all beautifully dressed, she humbly bowed down in surprise and hugged her in-law.

They together celebrated her birthday in a grand-style. It was indeed her best birthday party.

After that faithful night, Anna gave up all her bad lifestyle and put on a good life worthy of herself and God.

Content created and supplied by: Ghana'sthirdeye (via Opera News )

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