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You Are A Baby In My Sight, You Will Be Home-Ridden When I Start With You - Obofour Tells Agradaa

Rev. Obofour has sent a strong warning to Agradaa in a back-and-forth argument that these two prominent religious personalities are engaged in.

In Rev. Obofour's reply to Agradaa's constant rants and subtle attacks against him, Obofour starts calmly by stating that Agradaa is a baby in his sight. He continues by stating that in all respects she is inferior to him and thus she has no right to be constant throwing jabs at him.

He states in the video that he has so many issues with Agradaa as she is always pestering him with fake allegations, and also constantly insulting his wives and kids. He then goes on to state that the battle line has finally been drawn, and that when he (Obofour) starts with Agradaa she will end up home ridden (implying that she will be so afraid, she won't be able to leave the safety and comfort of her home).

Rev. Obofour resorted to sending this stern warning after constant attacks from Agradaa as she seemed to be always inquiring into the business of the Rev.

It first started when Agradaa was discussing the issue of a cameraman working for Rev. Obofour. The first allegations were that Obofour wasn't paying his staff especially the cameraman well and because of that the cameraman wasn't taking good care of a lady who he was in a relationship with and the child they had together.

Agradaa then also took the opportunity to throw more jabs at "fake" pastors who were aiding scammers in their illegitimate business. While doing this, she threw subtle shots at Obofour which is what caused Obofour to reply in his live video and warning message.

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