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Love Will Never Lie Update On Wednesday On 9th September 2020

Rohan plucks a white flower from behind Mishti and gifts it to her, wishing, Happy Birthday Mishti. Mishti accepts the flower. He leaves the balcony.

Pari was watching the promo for drama ‘Fantasy’. Mishti comes to the room. Pari tells Mishti about the reality show. There are only few shows which shows fantasy in relationships. Mishti asks Pari when she got interested in love and fantasy. She says they haven’t ever discussed about it, is there something she wants to exclusively do something with Veer. Mishti says Pari hasn’t ever been so clear and open about this topic, who is the one to reach the boyfriend zone of Pari. Pari says it’s just that she was excited about the show. Pari tells Mishti to get ready, Veer is coming over.

Radhika offers Gajar Ka Halwa to Veer. He says he just had breakfast, and doesn’t take any bite. Rohan comes outside. Veer tells him to look after the arrangements well, Mishti is quite choosy. Mishti comes from behind. Veer hugs Mishti but she tightly closes her fists. Veer tells her to go with him, she must spend the whole day with him. Mishti was concerned for wedding preparations, and meetings; Pari says she already cancelled them. Veer takes her along. Pari was excited and heads on for preparations.

Downstairs, Mishti had forgotten her phone. Veer says its fine, they may contact on his number. Mishti asks why he behaves so weird. Veer continue to call on Pari’s number but she doesn’t receive. Radhika looks through the door hole and was shocked to see Mishti outside. They all hide the decorations and hide behind the couch. Pari suggests about switching the lights off. Radhika tells Mishti the electricity connection went off just now. Mishti looks for her phone on the couch, Rohan pulls Pari downwards stuffing her mouth tightly. Pari looks towards Rohan, he signals not to make any noise. Mishti was close but couldn’t find her phone as it was dark. Mishti thinks light was fine near the lift, then notices the curtains were also shut. Radhika says she had prepared for vacuum.

Pari thinks I am in love with you Rohan. I get such peace with you, and wants to stay like this forever. Radhika finds the cell phone. Mishti asks about Pari, Ansh and Rohan. Radhika says they have gone upstairs. She will get the lights fixed by Arnav, she shouldn’t let Mishti wait. Pari now sat lost. Rohan gives his hand, which she holds with a smile for support.

It was night. Veer and Mishti drive back after all the shopping. Mishti says he bought her a lot without any much need. Veer says she is the first girl who isn’t happy with shopping. Mishti asks about his plan of dinner. Veer says he booked the hotel for the family, they will stay back at home and spend the birthday. Mishti was concerned for the family, and wonders what if they dislike this. Veer says they never get time alone, he wants a lonely evening with her; romantic dinner, candle light dinners. Veer says he could have taken her to his house but his parents already invited someone there. Mishti feels bad for her family as she always celebrate her birthday with them. Veer says he is sure she will always remember this birthday of hers.

At home, Pari had finalized the arrangements. She was now restless. The main door opens. The family leave to hide in corner while switching the lights off. Veer brings Mishti blindfolded. Pari looks around in wonder.

PRECAP: Mishti cuts the cake. Rohan stare them happily share the cake and was lost. Veer tells him to give a bite to Mishti from the cake, but Rohan says Mishti must give him cake instead.

Content created and supplied by: Rowdyrans (via Opera News )

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