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Remember The Lead Actor In God's Must Be Crazy? See What Happened To Him After He Acted The Movie

According to a news item that frequently appears online, the lead actor in the popular 1980 film "The Gods Must Be Crazy" received only $ 300, despite grossing over $ 60 million. Yes, in fact, the film is surprisingly the most profitable foreign film of the year and actor N! xau Toma became famous internationally for this.

Born in the Tsumkve District in Namibia, N! Xau Thomas is a farmer who made himself world famous after starring in the 1980 comedy film "The Gods Must Be Crazy".

Н! xau portrays a sincere Bushman with an embarrassed smile who finds a bottle of Coca-Cola thrown from a plane and, seen as a strange thing, starting a comedy with a flaw.


In fact, the film made over $ 60 million, but the main actor is N! xau Toma only received $ 300. According to Jamie Ewes, the South African film director who plays actor N! At first Xau did not know the value of banknotes and gave up his first 300 salaries.

Н! xau Toma, a Namibian farmer, is a member of San, a local community group from South Africa and Namibia.

Before entering The Gods Must Be Mad, N! xau has little exposure to modern life and sees no value for money. During the sequel to The Gods Must Be Crazy II (1989), he studied the value of money and asked for several hundred thousand dollars before agreeing to be reworked into a film.

He insisted the money was needed to build a house with an electric unit and a water pump for a family of three and their children.

After his film career faded away, Namibian newspapers reported in 2000 that N! Xau returns to Namibia and lives in a newly built brick house where he raises and is a farmer growing corn, pumpkin and beans.

Cute actor N! xau Thomas was found dead near his home in Namibia in late June 2003 after reportedly collecting firewood. It is believed that he is 59 years old and the exact cause of death is unknown. He had tuberculosis in the past.


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