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Yawa o:This Man was Caught Toasting a Lady in Trotro - Read What the Lady Said to Him

Weird and surprising things have been flooding the social media space of late. Today one surprising has been trending on Facebook and it has got people laughing.

A man was seen busily talking to a lady in a trotro. He bowed his head down which meant he was talking to her on an undertone voice.

From the person who posted this picture, he claimed the man was trying to get the girl's number and was professing his feelings to her. The boy captioned the picture that the man should stop because it won't work.

What the reported said at the end was that the lady ignored him after the man severally persisted to get her number.

From the look of the picture, one can conclude that the man is really brave to to talk to a lady in a public transport. This is so because many men are even shy to approach a lady talk less of proposing her.

Although the lady declined his offers, we say kudos to him and men reading this should learn from this. Go for what you want.

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