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Happy New Month:Check Out Adorable Pictures Of Abena Korkor As We Enter New Month

This article is not meant for the advertisement of any product or either her career but rather to enlighten people about some eye-catching pictures of one popular Ghanaian young female star that has gotten many trends on social media.

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Abena Korkor is a young and vibrant media personality. Beyond her involvement with the media, she has garnered much popularity from being a Ghanaian mental health advocate, a self-acclaimed plus-size model, and lastly, from her "escapades" on social media.

Abena Korkor is one of the most renowned media personalities in Ghana. Her years of diligence and persistence in the media have been duly rewarded with widespread popularity within the country and beyond. In addition, she is well-known for being the former host of Ladies Circle.

Recently on the internet, she dropped some nice pictures of her with the caption "October is for pink" which has got many Ghanaians talking.

Abena Korkor in breaking her silence over her infamous sex list is now saying that the feedback only comes to prove that Ghana's fabric that holds the society is broken because people intentionally ignored the positive things she said and focused on the negative ones.

She loves fetching attention from people as she uses that to get on-trend as well as to get many reactions from Ghanaians. Like always getting into trend has been the core aim of these our young celebrities, She made it clear in an interview to which got her much trend

"I spoke about a myriad of topics and I think I highlighted ... childhood trauma with other issues that people could have focused on but that basic structure and customs and believes that make our Ghana successful is broken," she said.

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