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The Evolution Of Desmond On Date Rush, Small But Mighty

Desmond is one of the most entertaining male contestants on the date rush program. He gained popularity due to his small stature and was constantly made fun of by the host, fellow contestants, and viewers. Below is his evolution on the date rush program and the things he has achieved on the program.

1. His Introduction

Desmond was introduced to viewers of date rush alongside 9 other gentlemen in the new edition of the date rush program where ladies would rather come on stage and seek a male partner.

Desmond was able to captivate the attention of Ghanaians by explaining that he was an avid Christian and a good singer. He also explained that he was single because his former girlfriend left him on a night that he went for a church program.

2. Constant Rejections on The Show

Although being handsome, his height didn't help him much on the show, the ladies who came searching for love always stated that they are looking for a man who is tall and financially stable, traits Desmond was lacking in. Because of this, he faced constant rejections from the ladies who made appearances on the show.

3. Had His Fair Share of Enjoyment

His height didn't deter him from having the best time of his life on the show. He was always filled with confidence and would even go out of his way to compete with ladies he knew were not looking in his direction.

He was such a smooth talker to the point where even when rejected by the ladies, he was able to sway them to dance with him as a consolation gift. With this technique, Desmond enjoyed romantic dance sessions with Enice and some other ladies.

4. Desmond Gets A Date

The constant bad luck of Desmond on the show comes to an end when a beautiful female contestant named Jennifer came searching for love. Jennifer in the end chose Desmond as a date which surprised everyone.

Ghanaians reacted by saying that its due to their similarity in height that aided Desmond in securing the beautiful Jennifer.

This leads to them being slightly trolled.

5. Aspiration To Be The Best Couple On Date Rush

Unlike the other date rush contestants who appeared on the reunion edition to insult and fight each other. Desmond and Jennifer displayed a high level of discipline and love towards each other. They remark that they are taking their relationship to the next level.

Due to how romantic and good they treat each other and the less controversy in their relationship, they are vying for the best date rush couple award.

Truly it has been an incredible journey for Desmond on the show as he has shown that although he is small he is incredibly mighty.

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