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No Matter Your Level as a Woman, You Must Submit to Your Husband - Dr. Charlotte Oduro

Outspoken female Marriage Counselor Dr. Charlotte Oduro has encouraged all women to learn the habit of submitting to their husbands no matter the level of their social status in life.

This is what scripture teaches and that is also what makes men love their wives. "If I say go down to your feet as lady to your husband, my sister it's not an insult but it would help you".

According her she said, she knows going down for your husband is very difficult but marriage isn't the big wedding or the rings you put on or the big wedding party you organise but marriage is about understanding that your husband has issues and you have deal with it.

Dealing with it means understanding him and knowing how to deal with your husband with dignity and not disrespect. 

Giving an example, she cited the Sulley Muntari and his wife Menaye Donkor's marriage. She explained that, the lady was a former Miss Ghana winner, very popular, beautiful and also very educated. She isn't sure the husband the is that much educated as she is, but for football and money.

In this marriage, if the lady decides to rob shoulders with the husband and decides not to succumb to him, such a marriage would suffer. But, Dr. Oduro thinks that should not be the case, because if the lady has been well brought up and she values who a man is, she shall know how to navigate her way around the marriage to avoid problems. 

She spoke to Abeiku Santana on his drive time show "Ɛkwansodwoodwoo" on Okay FM monitored on Facebook.

She added ever since she started encouraging women and especially those who are married to be submissive, she has received a lot of bashing but "This is my calling, I'm only going to school because there are some people if you have nothing show for, they don't believe that, it is a calling" she stated.

In her appreciation, women are supposed to be submissive and support their husbands and that doesn't make them less of humans but, that is how it is supposed be.

In sum, she said there is nothing wrong if women adore their husbands irrespective of the differences in social status. This is the key that can ensure survival and longevity of your marriage. 

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