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Meet The Beautiful 12 Years Old Lady, Daniella, Who Might Die If She Touches Water Or Takes Her Bath

These days, we see and hear about a whole lot of weird and strange stories about the lives of different people and individuals from various parts of the world, especially through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and lots more. Some of these stories may seem unreal and too absurd to be true, but indeed it is.

So recently, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I came across a picture and story of a little 12 years old girl called Daniela McCraven. She's from Louisiana in the united states of America. And her story says that, she may die if she swims, take her bath or do anything that requires water.

This is actually true in a scientifically proven way because she has been tested and it shows that Daniela has a rare allergy called aquagenic urticaria, which is very rare around the world and it said to affect only about a hundred people in the world.

It is alleged that everytime single time the twelve year old girl cries, or even sweats, she sees itchy and painful rashes breaking out of her delicate skin. This has led her to give up her childhood hobby of swimming and has even led her to avoid taking her bath or shower very often as a normal kid, as it could prove very threatening to her health.

According to Danielle's mother, Mrs Sari, who is 39 years old, 'It's painful and really hard for her, I don't know what's going through her head because it's miserable for her. She used to love swimming and she was in tears last summer when she couldn't go swimming with her friends."

See more time photos of Daniela and her mother below;

Danielle's mother also said that Danielle is allergic to bottle water, salt water and tap water, although she can have the water ingested into her body. She also explains, in addition to using drugs while taking her bath, Danielle must also be supervised in order for her not to die from the painful rashes.

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