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DATE RUSH: Love on Stage [Video]

Date Rush Season 5, episode 2 "B". Here were the guys on the show : Nhyiraba, Jophiel, Fareed, Nana Kwame, Ali, Rockson, Philip, Desmond, Sebastien, Grandpa. Ali replace Prince.

Enice was the Second lady on stage to find a date, in her first profile video, she disclose she is a mother of two boys, 9 amd 7 years respectively.

After each profile video, the guy has have to make a decision by either keeping their rush on or off considering what the lady would say in the video. But do you really think that little space videos can make one know the lady better? Well let me leave that one for now... 

After the first profile video, 2 rush went off, remaining 8 on wow!! 

Nhyiraba who also have his rush off said he can't go with that size. 

Second profile video, she said, she never knew her ex was married and never told her, when she found out the man was a married man she broke up with him. Guys wait oo00!! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? This lady in relationship with a man over 10years and even had 2 kids, so for all this while she never knew the man was a married man hmmm!! After that second video, 6 rushes went off remaining 4 on. 

After finally profile video, all the rushes went off remaining only Fareed. Sebastien came out to say he put off his rush because he is scared the lady may snub him, but if you already know this why putting back your rush? The lady told him to be man and fight for what he wants at all cost. He on his rush back, so did Desmond, too. Now 3 rushes on. Fareed, Sebastien & Desmond. She later put off Desmond rush with the the intention that he is not serious. 

Fareed asked her if her 2 kids are for the same man or different men? I think that was a brilliant question though. They are for the same man. She answered. Now between Fareed & Sebastien, She put out her question; "Can you give out your kidney?" Well in the city of love everything is possible, so they both said they can give out their kidney to save the life their partner. 

She put off sebastien and went for Fareed. Finally she had a Date. 

But fans probably thinks, a mother of two should not be entertain on date rush. Gosh!!

watch Love on stage Video..

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