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Tenant's wife faked her pregnancy but see how her man found out

One major source of household problems is a compound house full of tenants. In such houses there are groups of people, depending on the number of rooms rented out.

There is always the hi- hello group, the flirting and show off group, the church group and my favorite of all the gossip group. I was heading the gossip group.

A man and his pregnant wife rented one of the rooms and ever since the man came we monitored his wife and something wasn't right with her.

Every night when her husband goes out to work with his taxi, a man comes to the house. This time I went to peep in the window to see what they do indoors. To my surprise, I saw the woman without the pregnancy and they were making love.

Looking around the room I saw an artificial belly which she's been putting on to deceive the husband. I turned to leave but my leg hit her coal pot so it fell. She came to check what was the cause. I managed to go to the toilet gate and pretended to walk to my door. But I saw her with her pregnancy again.

Next morning, I wasn't going anywhere but I pleaded with the taxi driver to drop me at Accra Institute of Technology, and that was when I told him everything from headline to detailed news.

He stopped the car and confined in me. "I dated this lady for eleven months and then she left for about three months and came back with her family saying I have impregnated her. I was fined a huge sum of money and forced to marry her. I went in for loan for the wedding and till now I haven't finished paying only for me to discover that she's faked the pregnancy all this while.

"I couldn't face the troubles with my loaners and I've planned of commiting suicide this weekend. But I will involve the police to help me get all my money back. This is more than a scam".

He tends to advise me to be the good person I am, and never think of scamming an innocent man like what his wife has done.

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