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My ex left me for another woman after choosing to be deported from Italy with him - the UK-based

Manchester-based Ghanaian Dora Mensah has disclosed that her ex-boyfriend eventually left her after years of staying together and offering to be deported from Italy with him.

In a chat on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Madam Dora stated that after they were denied entry at the airport, an Italian man proposed love with an offer to help her, but she refused for her boyfriend’s sake.

“A woman at the airport told me that the white men would help me and direct me to the Ghanaian community the next day. So I told my boyfriend about the offer, and he asked me to go with him but I couldn’t. 

We were deported to Ghana and started a business together while trying to get another chance to travel,” she told DJ Nyaami. 

Eventually, Miss Mensah indicated that her ex-boyfriend got a visa through the America Visa Lottery program and left the country, hoping that he would send for her soon. 

“We had a child together. After my ex got the visa, I waited, but he never came for me. He went for a woman from his tribe to stay with instead. I never expected that because I believed he loved me based on his actions. That is why I couldn’t leave him in Italy,” she added. 

According to Dora, she tried four times to get a visa because she believed that was her only chance at success. 

“I gave huge sums of money to ‘connection men,’ but it didn’t work. I only came in on the fourth try. I got a connection to Germany once while I was breastfeeding, but I was arrested at the Kotoka airport. My baby was just three months old,” she recounted. 

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