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"I Get Emotionally Traumatized Anytime I Visit Slave Castles In Africa" - Wode Maya

Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon, popularly known as Wode Maya, a Ghanaian YouTube personality and social media influencer has revealed what he goes through anytime he visits slave castles.

The Ghanaian YouTuber, Wode Maya took to social media to share his experience.

According to Wode Maya, he says he gets emotionally traumatized whenever he pays visit to slave castles in Africa.

He continued by saying that, "how can the slave masters be that wicked. Also, "how are they gonna payback after all the atrocities they committed?"

Wode Maya writes;

"I get emotionally traumatized anytime visit slave castles in Africa!how can the slave master be that wicked???????How are they gonna payback all the atrocities they committed????????"

Screenshot below

Fans react;

Baffour Amoako Adu: "How did our own people capture their own and sold.

To think of it how did a small group of people board a ship 🚢 and come master a whole land 🤔.

Our fathers have questions to answer"

GuilouKiss: "Nigeria, Togo, South Africa, East Africa

A few I've visited and it feels the same each time. Pain and rejection that some days out ancestors were treated with such lil dignity."

Tunde Odus: "Some people are very quick to tell us we sold our own, but they won't tell you about the Africans that rebelled against the slave trade. I.e Badu Bonsu 11 was beheaded by the Dutch for being rebellious. His head was returned back to Ghana in 2009."

Lulu: "Woda it is emotional,we cannot deny that history but we must remember who we were before that horrible time in human history and reclaim our a person whose ancestors were placed in those dungeons and endured centuries enslaved, we survived and will thrive!"

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