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Find Out the Spirits in Your Day Born Names (Like Kojo, Ama, Kwabena, Afia)

Day-born names are invaluable and come with meanings that can most at times exhibit in our lives. This cannot be trivialized and should be regarded with the deserved respect.

Akan or better still Ghana’s day born names (Kra Din) are our soul names. The names were derived from the 5 planets, the sun, and the moon: making seven.

Why five planets? You might want to know. Five planets because in the olden days, planets were much closer and so were the sun and the moon too. The closest planets were five in number and had spiritual connections with our forefathers, thus, they named us according to them.

So, our names consist of the five planetary systems, the sun, and the moon.

Kojo and Adwoa are the servants of the moon. By the nature of the moon, it moves around the earth and it is very calm. So, Kojo and Adwoa's day born have similar traits.

For Kwabena, we are talking about heat. The sun. So, most Tuesday born is very energetic and full of verve. They are serious and have the spirit to run projects accordingly.

Yaw is the servant for planet Venus. Yaw can resist pain. That’s why we say yaw “Preko”. They have the resistance spirit and in wars, they can fight till daybreak.

Afia is a servant for a moving planet, they love to roam. They are very adventurous and quickly make friends.

Saturday is for Saturn; Kwame stands for the strong person and always ready to fight and win.

Ama loves people and is very kind. They love to share and are very precautious.

Yaa serves people. They are very compassionate and they are the best cooks. They won't disappoint you when you enter their house. They always have their houses in other. If anyone tries silly with her environs, she will quickly rebel.

This is the trajectory of the meaning of our names and how they were converged.

In my next write-up, I will complete the remaining names and treat that of the ewes but that will largely depend on the feedback I get from the comment section.

Thank you. You can input what you know about your day born too.

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